SEMA 2022: TWG Is Making Big Moves With Dirty Life Wheels

As an avid off-road enthusiast and also a big-time fan of racing, Off Road Xtreme is always pumped to see companies support off-road motorsports. The Wheel Group’s Dirty Life Wheels brand has invested in the off-road culture by making core products that are designed specifically for the application. Whether it be truck wheels for moderate off-road use, competition-rated race wheels, or even a designated UTV wheel, Dirty Life has been making big moves and we like what we are seeing.

At the 2022 SEMA Show, we paid a visit to The Wheel Group (TWG) hoping to find the dirt on their new products.

SEMA 2022: TWG Is Making Big Moves With Dirty Life Wheels

The Latest And Greatest From Dirty Life Wheels

Jason Weidmann, brand manager for The Wheel Group introduces the newest editions to the Dirty Life Wheels lineup.
Starting with the 9314 Canyon Race Beadlock wheel, it is now offered in a 20×10 and 3.5-inch backspacing. This configuration is designed specifically for rock crawlers and hard-core off-road enthusiasts running 42- and 44-inch tires.

Next is the 9309 R Canyon Pro SxS wheel. This is a UTV Beadlock wheel built specifically for the Polaris Pro R with a 5 lug and plus 38 offset. It is offered in matte black and a machined raw finish.

Jason continued by spotlighting the 9316 Journey road wheel. This wheel comes as a 17×8.5 with zero offset for 5-, 6-, and 8-lug applications with satin black and satin bronze finishes.

Dirty Life Wheels has a ton of great options, but it can be difficult to decide on what unique style and series will achieve the look you may be going for. To help sort this out, they have an awesome online tool that will simulate your vehicle with their wheel products. Check out the Dirty Life Wheel Visualizer or take a gander through the 2022 TWG Catalog.

SEMA 2022: TWG Is Making Big Moves With Dirty Life Wheels

Body Armor 4×4 Offers Bold Body Protection And Accessories

Besides wheels, TWG has bolstered its product line with Body Armor 4×4. Specializing in vehicle-specific bolt-on body armor and protection products, they have a vast line of bumpers, skid plates, rock sliders, cargo racks, and all of the trick accessories that go along with that.

To showcase the Body Armor 4×4 catalog, there was a clean Subaru Cross Trek outfitted as a booth display vehicle. This thing was tricked out for Overlanding with all the necessities for an extended adventure.

SEMA 2022: TWG Is Making Big Moves With Dirty Life Wheels

No matter the vehicle you drive, Body Armor 4×4 has a ton of gear to deck out your rig. All of the popular Overlanding vehicle platforms are covered including Jeeps, Toyotas, and even full-size trucks. Check out the complete 2022 Body Armor 4×4 catalog or get in on the Black Friday sales.


Amp Tires

Before departing TWG, I did take a deep gander at their AMP Tires brand and products. They offer three different light truck tires designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts and individuals who do a bit of everything.

SEMA 2022: TWG Is Making Big Moves With Dirty Life Wheels

The AMP Terrain Attack M/T is their most aggressive tire to grip in mud, rock, sand, snow, and more. It features a 3-ply sidewall and is available in 26LT sizes for 17-inch to 28-inch wheels.

For both off-road attitude and smooth on-road characteristics, the AMP Terrain Attack A/T A is touted as the ultimate adventure tire and is rated for winter driving. The tread design features a multi-block pattern to deliver stable control in various environments. The Terrain Attack A/T A comes in 14LT popular sizes for 17-inch to 22-inch wheels. It is sold with a 40,000-mile warranty.

AMP Tires offers a Terrain Attack M/T, Terrain Attack A/T A, and the AMP Terrain Pro A/T.


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Lastly, the AMP Terrain Pro A/T is AMP Tires’ most moderate package designed to provide a longer tread life and withstand demanding environments. It features a deep, multi-functional tread groove for a smooth ride and enhanced traction. The Terrain Pro A/T  is available in 24LT sizes for 16-inch to 24-inch wheels. It is sold with a 60,000-mile warranty.

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