Anderson Composites Brings Craftsmanship To Bronco Market

The Ford Bronco has rapidly evolved into one of the more modified platforms in the Ford lineup. While being the recent edition to the Ford family has had a tremendous impact on its success, the ability to modify and make it your own has persuaded more enthusiasts into the Bronco fold. As with such, more companies have developed a line of products for the new Bronco who were not normally as involved in the off-road segment before.

Anderson Composites is well known for their late model carbon fiber body panels that cloak many track oriented Mustangs. They are also known for being the supplier of carbon fiber parts for Ford Performance Parts. Their Mustang product lineup includes extremely lightweight and durable hoods, doors, and fenders to optimize weight loss. However, these products not only drop weight, they are also track tested with aerodynamics and heat extraction in mind. Now the same company has developed a new line of high quality composites for the Ford Bronco.

Currently the product range for the new Ford Bronco includes two carbon fiber hoods and a series of doors with different aesthetics based on preference. The hood easily knocks off 7 pounds, but you have the option of the vented Raptor-esque grill implemented into it. The real weight savings comes in when switching to their Halo doors. While the factory doors tip the scales at 59 pounds, the Anderson Composites Halo doors come in at 17.7 pounds. The doors also provide better visibility to see those vertically-challenged cars that may be in your blindspot.

Anderson Composites

While a racing spec Bronco might not be the build you are seeking out, you can still have high quality, race-inspired parts installed on your street going Bronco. So, if you are seeking out top notch products from the supplier of carbon fiber products to Ford Performance, then look no further than Anderson Composites.


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