Garvin Racks Adventure Rack Covers One Touch Power Top For JL 4-Door

Every time we see a Jeep JL 4-door “One Touch Power Top” retracting, a wave of mixed emotions arises. This electronically controlled removable hardtop sure is convenient, but the options to outfit with roof racks are limited. Enter the Power Top Adventure Rack system from Garvin Industries (PN #20097, #20097-4XE). Perhaps “the most versatile rack the brand has ever offered,” and after a quick overview, this claim may be spot on.

Engineered to be long enough and strong enough to haul small watercraft and a full overlanding setup up top, the broad expanses of the Adventure Rack are as tough and capable as it gets. This configuration still accommodates Jeep’s ingenious “One Touch Power Top” roof.

Adventure Roof rack from Garvin Racks

The Adventure Roof Rack from Garvin Racks is on full display.

The Adventure Rack system is engineered to mount both to the windscreen and the bottom portion of the rear quarter panel and does not require drilling or body modification of any kind. Rated at 300 pounds from an off-road weight capacity standpoint (or a static weight capacity of 600 pounds), the Adventure Rack is just as beefy as it is intelligently designed.

The convertible top clearance concerns are negated via the purposeful spacing of the top section of the rack itself. Sitting at a full 8.75 inches above the OE rain gutters, there is ample room for the power top to open. This Adventure Rack system fits 4-door JL Jeep Wranglers with the One Touch Power Top roofs from 2018 onward. Just be sure to specify which engine your rig rocks before ordering, as there are some slight discrepancies between the standard gas models and the 4XE version.

Garvin Offers Adventure Racks To Cover All Late Model Jeep Wranglers

Let’s not forget that the Adventure Rack from Garvin is available for non-power-top models as well. That means you can get an Adventure Rack for your JL 2-Door (#20092), or, if you have a regular roof 2018-2023 JL Wrangler 4-Door, the Adventure Full Rack (#20094, #20094-4XE, #20094-HEMI). For those not needing a massive carrier rack system, there’s also the JL hardtop-only Adventure Half Rack (#20099, #44099), which will fit all Jeep JL Wrangler 4-door and JK Wrangler 4-door models.

Garvin Industries offers a nice array of accessory options for all of its roof racks.

Racking Up the Add-Ons And Accessory Options

There are also several fully compatible accessories from Garvin Racks that can be mixed and matched with all Adventure Rack systems. Garvin Racks says that with some optional accessories, you will be able to turn your Jeep into the ideal off-road vehicle. The following components are our top picks for pairing with this complimentary roof rack system.

Starting things off is Garvin’s JL Adventure Rack Ladder. It is manufactured from 1-inch-diameter steel tubing and designed to bolt directly to the JL Adventure Rack. Garvin’s ladder fits both full-size Adventure Racks and Half Racks for 4-door and 2-door versions of the Jeep JL Wrangler. The ladder is available in different versions that are specific to mounting only to the driver’s side or passenger’s side.

Then there’s the ARB Awning mount from Garvin Industries. Each kit includes brackets to adapt an ARB Awning to your Jeep. Just note that the ARB awning itself is not included and must be purchased separately.

Adventure Roof rack from Garvin Racks

Reasons Why Garvin Racks Continue to Rock

Garvin Industries was born out of a tiny Southern California auto repair shop that began in 1942. They are family owned and operated and hold the original vision and “Leave Nothing Behind” mantra. Storage does not need to be an afterthought even on the Jeep platforms. Each product this outdoor overlanding specialist manufactures is designed, engineered, and constructed to give you the maximum amount of storage space possible, without any unnecessary weight. 

Today, Garvin Industries has grown into a full-blown manufacturing corporation producing many products to help off-road enthusiasts outfit their vehicles. This includes roof racks and roof rack accessories, bumpers, tire carriers, rock rails, and water storage-mounting solutions. The American-made products are durable and meant to withstand the abuse of grueling 4×4 activities in extreme environments. At the end of the day, Garvin’s stuff still looks snazzy when bumping down the interstate.

For decades, Garvin Racks has tortured and tested its products off-road in the wilds of North America. This includes everything from the Sierra Mountains to the red rock formations of Moab and beyond. Garvin prides itself on quality design and hand-crafted fabrication. Precision welding super-thick American-made steel ensures Garvin Racks are durable and up to the task.  Just like their slogan, “designed tough to be the perfect accessory for your utility vehicle.”

For more on Garvin racks and how this family-owned operation continues to set the benchmark as the best roof carrier manufacturer in the biz, be sure to check out the ORX interview with three overlanding Jeep owners, all of whom rock Garvin Racks’ products for good reason.

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