Ford Bronco On Tracks Steals Spotlight At Bronco Takeover

It’s not often that we see a Ford Bronco on tracks. Sure, there was one in the Ford booth at the 2021 SEMA show, but outside of the show car arena they are rarely seen doing what they are meant to do. That was until a shop by the name of Boo Doo Design brought out its sixth generation Bronco to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Hart, Michigan, for the 2022 Bronco Takeover. The 2022 Bronco Takeover consisted of all generations of Broncos competing in the show and shine, as well as trying out their hand in the off-road sand dunes.

The Boo Doo Design team specializes in all things off-road. Everything from lift kits, custom leather interiors, and even V8 conversions are all a part of daily life at the shop. It’s their latest creation that has caught the eyes of the off-road Bronco 6G community. The newest build revolves around a 2021 Ford Badlands Edition Bronco that sports a Fabtech 3.5-inch lift with uniball upper control arms and Fabtech Dirt Logic coilovers with external reservoirs. Fabtech products continue throughout the chassis with rear lower control arms and heim replacement tie rod upgrade.

Externally, the Bronco received Fab Fours Matrix front and rear bumpers. KC roof lights, and Baja Designs auxiliary lighting. A Warn winch was then mounted to the chassis. While this all sounds like a traditional off-road setup, the first look at this sand dune stomper utilizing a set of tracks, completely changes your mind.

Instead of mounting oversized tires suited for traversing sandy conditions, Boo Doo Designs took a different approach. In place of a wheel and tire combination is Mattracks 65m1–a2 track system on all four corners. This allows a 15-inch wide footprint without having to adjust air pressure to offset environments. At the same time it allows up to 45-inches of length on soft surfaces.

As you can imagine, these tracks provide the ultimate in off-road climbing. However, the downturn is the fact that you are limited to around 40 mph. While they can be driven on hard surfaces, its primary duty is to provide the best traction in any off-road environment. Regardless of its pros and cons list, we still think they look super cool on any vehicle, especially a sixth generation Bronco!


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