New EFI-Ready Jeep Gas Tanks from Tanks Inc.

New EFI-ready Jeep gas tanks that cover four Jeep applications are now available from Tanks Inc. These are the company’s first drop-in OEM replacement gas tanks for Jeeps that are designed to upfit and accommodate EFI systems. We’ll bet that most of you have never thought about your Jeep’s gas tank in terms of performance. It’s just there. It does its job. No need to think about. Tanks Incorporated is about to completely change your mind.

red Jeep Moab hill climb

EFI-ready replacement gas tanks from Tanks Inc. can help your Jeep handle any terrain or obstacle.

Tanks Inc. is a leading supplier of direct-fit applications for EFI conversions and carbureted street rods, muscle cars, and classic trucks. What’s that got to do with my Jeep you might ask? Well, with decades of experience manufacturing high-performance gas tanks for high-performance cars, Tanks Inc. is now offering the same high standards of fuel-delivery performance for 1973-1976 Jeep CJ-5s, 1978-1983 CJ-5s, 1978-1986 CJ-7s, and 1987-1990 Jeep Wranglers.

Tanks Inc 1987-90 Jeep Wrangler EFI-Ready Gas Tank

Tanks Inc. has introduced three new EFI-ready Jeep gas tanks, including an application for 1987-90 Wranglers.

Tanks Inc. Origin Story

Tanks Inc. isn’t a start-up that came on to the automotive aftermarket gas tank scene just yesterday. There’s 30 years of top-flight engineering and genuine pursuit of quality in the products Tanks Inc. manufactures. It all began when the original owner of the company was working on making a gas tank for this 1927 T-bucket hot rod.

Decades of experience designing and building large, pressurized tanks used to scrub hazardous pollutants from factory emissions before they were emitted, was all the know how needed.

John Pazik knew he could build a gas tank for his hot rod that would perform like a modern gas tank was the easy part. The trick was sorting out how to efficiently deliver the fuel demands of a high-performance engine. That first gas tank not only fueled his hot rod, but it started the wheels spinning at Tanks Inc.

Tanks Inc. offers a 15-gallon EFI-ready gas tank for the 1978-83 Jeep CJ-5 and 1978-86 Jeep CJ-7.

New Jeep Gas Tanks

Tanks Inc. three new gas tanks mark the first entry into the Jeep market with an EFI-ready product. Putting it simply, these are OEM replacements with the potential for upfitting to an EFI system. Even if you’re still running a carbureted engine in your Jeep, you can easily upgrade the fuel-delivery system for an EFI-fed powerplant at a later date.

All three new Jeep gas tanks utilize The Tank Inc. GPA Series fuel pumps. The GPA Series fuel pumps are available in delivery capabilities ranging from 109 to 450 liters per hour. The three new Jeep gas tanks also use aftermarket 5-bolt senders. Senders with multiple Ohm ranges are available to work with the factory (73-10 Ohm) or aftermarket gauges.

Inside the three new Tanks Inc. Jeep gas tanks you’ll find EFI-style internal baffling with an extra-large 4.8-liter dual-tube baffled fuel tray to prevent fuel pump starvation. The new gas tanks all have a 15-gallon capacity, are made from galvanized steel that’s powder coated silver, and measure 25.5 by 18.25 by 10 inches.

Tanks Inc 1973-76 Jeep CJ5 EFI-Ready Gas Tank

Like all of the Tanks Inc. EFI-ready gas tanks, the 1973 to 1976 Jeep CJ-5 tank is designed to be a drop-in OEM replacement.

Fuel Pumps & Senders

The GPA Series Fuel Pump Module from Tanks Inc. is designed to be used in many of its gas tanks that have factory-installed reservoir trays. The tray is an absolute necessity for fuel-injection in order to prevent fuel starvation when accelerating and cornering.

These fuel pump modules are made in the USA, feature a heavy 10-gauge no-warp mounting plate, ¼-inch NPT supply and return line, barbed vent fitting, oven brazed fittings, and an in-tank wiring harness. The genuine Walbro fuel pump at the heart of the module can flow up to 100 PSI.

The optional fuel tank senders from Tanks Inc. mount with five screws, and they work on fuel tanks from 6- to 24-inches deep by being cut to length using the instructions included. Fuel tank senders read resistance to ground. Breaking it down further, they work on all 6- to 24-volt systems, with positive or negative ground.

Tanks Inc. fuel pump wiring instructions

Tanks Inc. offers free technical information such as fuel pump wiring instructions.

Tanks Inc. Has You Covered

Justin Sommerville, General Manager at Tanks Inc. told us “We hope to be a problem solver for our customers. By specializing in gas tanks that have in-tank pumps we make it easier to do EFI swaps for a wide variety of vehicles. We help customers choose the right system for their vehicle. That is the goal. They can reach out to us over the phone or by e-mail.”

Tanks Inc. offers everything you need to upgrade your Jeep’s gas tank and fuel-delivery system. Their fuel pumps and senders are high-quality components, and with one of the new Tanks Inc. Jeep gas tanks, are the basics for putting together a high-performance fueling system for your Jeep.

That’s not all that Tanks Inc. can offer the Jeep owner interested in upgrading their off-road exploration vehicle. In addition to gas tanks, fuel pumps, and senders, Tanks Inc. is your complete fuel system source. They have fuel filler necks, filler hoses, fuel-system plumbing, fuel doors, fuel tank straps, and miscellaneous fuel system parts, accessories, and hardware.

Aside from all the parts, pieces, and fuel-delivery technology available, Tanks Inc. offers other valuable free resources. How does extensive tech and install information all available at not charge sound? Tutorials on choosing the correct fuel pump for your application, EFI fuel line routing, fuel tank venting, how to feed a carbureted engine with an EFI fuel pump, and product installation instructions are all available on the Tanks Inc. website.

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