For anyone that has been on the trail or in the desert, you know that when the sun sets it is a whole different type of environment. Off Road Nights is a yearly dirt lifestyle event that brings together the off-road community for a night under the lights.

For added excitement this year the Fitz Army motocross team put on a show for on looking fans.

The event was held on August 5th at the Promenade Mall in Temecula, California and brought a wide range of off-road rigs. One unique feature of this event is the fact it runs until the sun goes down giving enthusiasts a different look at the vehicles.

Desert trucks dominated the crowd outside the Promenade Mall in Temecula, California.

This time there is no dirt being kicked up, but a chance to see off-road rigs at a standstill and all cleaned up. For some, it’s a first time seeing Trophy Trucks up close and for others, it is reuniting with old friends and talking about the good ole days.

Black Ops 4x4 brought out a couple of their builds to show off for the crowd.

Walking around the event there was a fair share of all types of off-road rigs, but it was dominated by prerunners and desert trucks. The Jeeps that were in the show did not disappoint and represented that segment well.

When the sun set the vehicles on display took on a whole new look.

Once again it was a successful night under the lights with plenty of action and excitement. Did you attend? What was your favorite part? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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